”Experience the Greatest Taste of the World's Number One Cashew”

Akros Cashew Factory is a leading cashew processing factory based in Mtwara, Tanzania. Established in 2016, the company has grown to become one of the largest cashew processing companies in the region, with a reputation for producing high-quality cashew nuts and related products.


Akros Limited is a dynamic and forward-thinking company specializing in sourcing raw cashew nuts from villages, processing them, and exporting the WORLD'S BEST CASHEW NUTS to the global markets including Africa, Middle East, America, Europe and Asia, complying with the highest food safety standards. With a keen focus on sustainability, quality, and fair-trade practices, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in the cashew nuts industry.


Akros Limited

Our Vision

To be the leading exporter of quality Processed cashew nuts products from Tanzania and empower the community.

Our Mission

By investing in state-of-the-art processing facilities, investing in market niches, establishing and maintaining profit-sharing mechanisms with grower communities, and providing fair wages to our workers, Promot- ing gender equality; women and youth empowerment; and sustainable Agriculture practices sustain the value chain and help us reach our vision while preserving our environment.









We ensure the best working conditions for 300+ workers. A water treatment plant provides pure drinking water for all workers, Akros Limited pledges against child labor and gives preference to female workers for employment.

We have undertaken efficient, waste-free energy initiatives. We recycle cashew nut shells to burn the boiler instead of charcoal and wood as a cleaner and greener alternative to charcoal and wood. This allows us to save thousands of trees per year.

Akros Limited is committed to promoting environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We actively engage in environmentally friendly practices such as water and energy con- servation, waste reduction, and responsible sourcing. Additionally, we actively support gender equality and youth empowerment, striving to create inclusive opportunities and improve livelihoods within our communities.

Quality is at the core of our business philosophy. We have an expert cashew grading and quality control team with good skills, knowledge, and experience over 10+ years in the cashew processing industry. We implement stringent quality control measures at every stage of the value chain to maintain excellence. Our qualified team strongly emphasizes strict hygiene conditions throughout the entire process, from sourcing to packaging, to ensure that our cashew nuts are free from defects and contaminants and meet customer requirements.

Exports of cashew nut kernels from Tanzania are normally subject to voluntary quality control and pre-shipment inspection. An inspection of cashews is being conducted under the con- signment-wise inspection. It is ensured that the product is processed and packed as per the standards prescribed by arranging a random sample from the finished product. Mostly done by third parties, i.e., SGS

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. We prioritize understanding and meeting our client's specific needs, providing personalized service and tailored solutions. Our dedication to quality, reliability, and deadline adherence has earned us a reputation for exceeding customer expectations, resulting in long-term partnerships and numerous satisfied clients.

Quality Control

A Critical Control Points (CCP) system is in place to ensure the highest quality of cashews.

Strict hygienic environment, machines and worker processes during the processing of nuts

Processing time from steaming to packaging of finished products is strictly less than 12 days.

We vacuum pack our cashew nut kernels in flexi bags infused with CO2+Nitrogen gas.